When I was writing “Jam for Tea” I recalled that the first woman to be blasted up into space was the Russian, Valentina Tereshkova.

Sometime later I found myself trying to remember the name of the first British woman to make that exciting journey into space. It was of course Helen Sharman who was born in 1963 just one month before Valentina Tereshkova made her historic flight.

Learning about Valentina and Helen inspired me to find out about other British women trailblazers.

I’ve discovered the stories of some amazing women: some you’ll have heard of before and some you might not. I hope you enjoy reading about these women as much as I’ve enjoyed discovering their stories.

My name is Cathy Murray and for over thirty years I worked in British primary education as a class teacher and then as head teacher of four different schools.

I retired early about ten years ago and have developed an interest in e-publishing as well as writing. In addition to my own family history and memories books, I’ve published novels written by my husband, Michael Murray. These include the best selling detective novel “A Single To Filey: a DCI Tony Forward novel

When I’m not writing and e-publishing I enjoy reading, gardening, country walks, music, films etc. A cancer diagnosis in mid-2017 curtailed the walking somewhat and the garden became a bit of a wilderness! Wild flowers, thistle collection and some very grateful garden birds! But our marvellous NHS and the wonders of medical science kept me going for which I’m truly grateful. I’m now recovering from two major surgeries in 2020 and starting to get my life back on track.

I’m thrilled that Cabbage and Semolina has resonated with so many readers and really appreciate the reviews. Thanks for reading my profile and hope you enjoy my blog.

Cathy Murray

November 2020

You can catch me on Twitter @murray1001 or here on our website.