Who was the first British woman newspaper reporter?

ELIZA LINTON 1822 – 1898

Eliza Linton was a novelist who also wrote contributions for the Morning Chronicle, Household Words, the St James Gazette and the Daily News.

Eliza was the first British woman to receive a salary from the publications she wrote for thus giving her recognition as the first British woman journalist.

She was born in the Lake District, the daughter of a vicar and the granddaughter of a bishop. Her mother died when she was a baby and she had a chaotic childhood and was largely self-educated. In her early twenties she left home to go to London to earn her living as a writer.

In 1858 Eliza was married to William James Linton, a poet, wood carver and political activist, and returned to the Lake District to look after her new husband and his seven children.

Within ten years the couple had separated: he returning to America and Eliza back to London to continue her career.

In addition to her journalistic success some of Eliza’s novels gained popularity and she wrote a best selling guide to the Lake District.

Photo credit: Public domain via Wikimedia Commons