Who was the first British woman to win an Olympic title?


Charlotte Cooper was another sportswoman to achieve success in the Wimbledon Tennis Singles. (See also Maud Watson).

Between 1895 and 1912 Charlotte played in the Wimbledon Finals eleven times and was the five times winner.

She won many other tournaments and became the first British woman to win an Olympic title.

This was at the second Olympiad in Paris in 1900 where women competed for the first time.

The majority of winners were presented with trophies rather than medals.

Almost a thousand competitors participated in nineteen different sports events. These included ballooning, croquet and an underwater obstacle race none of which featured as Olympic sports ever again.

Charlotte, meanwhile, after her Olympic success continued to play in tennis tournaments until she was well into her fifties and remains the oldest woman to have won the Women’s Final at Wimbledon.

Photo credit: Public domain via Wikimedia Commons